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#595: A new book on Fred Baptiste (fwd)


A new book by former Haitian Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Paul 
Arcelin, has just been released. Its title: CERCUEIL SOUS LE BRAS. It deals 
extensively with the long struggle of Fred Baptiste, the guerrilla leader, 
against the Duvalier dictatorship; the participation of Haitian volunteers to 
the struggle of the Dominican patriots for the restoration of Juan Bosch as 
president; the coup d'Etat against Aristide; Arcelin's actions in favor of 
the Haitian "braceros"; etc. Full of revelations!
Available from the Haitian Book Centre
P.O. Box 690324
E. Elmhurst NY 11369-0432
Price $20.00 + S&H $3.95 = $23.95
Residents of NY  and NJ States please add appropriate sales taxes.