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#596: Mountain Made Haitian cookbook (fwd)



I agree with Kim. Mountain Maid, Best Made, is  a good Haitian cookbook. It  
is compiled by Amy Wolff, Mountain Maid Self-Help Project, Box 1386, 
Port-au-Prince (no date).  I bought mine in l996. It is printed by G&R 
Publishing Co., 507 Industrial Street, Waverly, Iowa 50677.  

Another is Cuisine & Patisserie Modernes.  It's in French, and is heavily 
oriented toward desserts.  Author is Gisele Denis.  No publisher is cited. I 
got it at Bon Nouvel in Rue Pavee last August.
I believe Murray or someone else was interested last year in putting a 
Haitian cookbook together. What ever happened to that project? I think that 
publishing company in Iowa or Mission Baptist should make it available to 
book stores in the States, even other bookstores in the city. I don't see the 
Mission Baptist books anywhere else.

Since we are on the subject of food, I have heard that conch known as lanbi 
is an aphrodisiac. Does any chemist , doctor scientist or clinician have any 
scientific evidence of that "hearsay"?
I would like to hear other "hearsays" or clinically proven " research on that 
Haitian delicacy.