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#616: Housemaid and restavek

From: gilles hudicourt <gilles.hudicourt@sympatico.ca>

Ref : Man charged with abusing family's young housemaid

I don't think "housemaid" is the word to be used here, nor is the word
"restavek" that we often use to disguise what this is really all about.
The word is SLAVERY, and SEX-SLAVERY on a minor on top of it.
The article stated that someone "gave" her to the Pompee family, like they
went through the trouble of having her travel illegally for free.  I wonder
if they paid for her, and who they purchased her from.  I money was
exchanged, wouldn't they qualify as slave-runners ?  Are there still laws
against that in the United States ?

I hope Mr Pompee has not already boarded American Airlines towards Haïti and