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#618: Florida Restavek--more info (fwd)

From: Elizabeth McAlister <emcalister@mail.wesleyan.edu>

This case of the Florida girl brought as a restavek has sickened me and I
called down to Florida to see if we of the Corbett list could be of help
with referrals, information, support, even adoption.  It seems to be a
small town and things seem disorganized.  The operator at the Dept of
Children and Family Services even started to tell me the little girl's
name--totally illegal as she is a minor, and a victem.  And i was told the
little girl is in a SHELTER, not even a foster home!

The police chief could not even tell me if the man accused of sexually
abusing the restavek girl since she was 9, had been arrested.

If anybody else is moved to call down there, here are the numbers.  Often,
sadly, public pressure forces people to take more action than if nobody is

Lynette Beal, spokesperson for Dept of Children and Famililes:  (954)

Sargent Smith, police chief:  (305) 953-2879.

When I do finally talk to Ms. Beal herself, I will ask her if there are
any requests from the girl's lawyers or psychologists or priests 
(presuming she has them) for help from our cyber-community.

Elizabeth McAlister, Ph.D.
Department of Religion
Wesleyan University
Middletown, Ct  06459-0029
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