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#771: Lamy's death: Simidor responds to Albert and Chamberlain (fwd)


It is even slicker than Sabine imagines.  There is a division of labor  which 
allows Dany Toussaint to do the thug and the Lavalas "chimères" to storm the 
P-au-P Cathedral, while the new three musketeers, Titid, Preval and Alexis, 
cling to the high road vis-a-vis Bob Manuel and Pierre Denize.  The details 
are still on Haiti Online.  

One needs not agree with Lord Chamberlain to acknowldedge that Haiti's rulers 
share the responsibility for the situation on the ground.  (Never did the 
left before 1986 blame the U.S. alone for Fort Dimanche.  But the  U.S. 
superpower then, and the U.S. only-world-power today, strategically called 
the shots.  Why is this so hard to come to grip with, unless one holds liege 
to that superpower?)  

Daniel Simidor