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#3989: DeGraff offers cheers for the Corbett seminar. (fwd)

From: Michel DeGraff <degraff@MIT.EDU>

I am so glad Corbett is now relieved of his confusion.  May others follow
suit, and benefit from the exchange as well.

Actually I often have the sinking feeling that some of the issues recently
discussed here still remain mysterious to even the very educated, including
some of our educators.  Actually it would be wonderful if everyone had the
kind of patience, open-mindedness and dedication to knowledge that is often
(though not always) manifested in this forum.  Such are the qualities that
sustain the way to true progress, intellectual, political, economical and
otherwise.  (And I too am definitely learning a great deal in the process.
Some "dancing and singing" is welcome indeed, metaphorically and

Thanks to all discussants for opening the way for such learning
opportunities, and cheers to Corbett and the on-going seminar!

MIT Linguistics & Philosophy, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02139-4307
degraff@MIT.EDU        http://web.mit.edu/linguistics/www/degraff.home.html