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#3989: Construction Costs (fwd)

From: patti cunningham <grace-covenant@usa.net>

Dear Bob,

I've never written before but have your letters all sent to me through a
friend here in the States. I am a Missionary in Mont-rouis, Haiti. I love
reading all the propaganda on Haiti, some of it's true & some is absolutely
ridiculous. Anyway, I just got in from Haiti & although this is late in
answereing an e-mail, I felt this should be something that a lot of folks need
to know.
I read an e-mail date Feb. 26, 2000 about a church in Pheonix supporting an
organization in Haiti called Wings of Hope. This sounds like a great
organiztion but some of the info in the e-mail was incorrect. I'm sure it was
not intentional that the writer was led to believe the costs of some cement to
be in U.S. dollars. The price of $20 is not U.S. but Haitian dollars. The
price has recently gone up due to the increase in the rate exchange. The
actual price of a bag of cement in Haiti at this time is $21.60 Haitian. I'm
sure you have seen the same thing happen, someone inadvertently forgets to
state U.S. or Haitian. 
I just felt this information should be given to the people who are sponsoring
foriegn missions. Whether it's Haiti or any other country, always ask the
question, "Is this U.S. or your country's currency"?

Working for Christ,

Patti C.

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