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#3993: Professor Linguists 101 :-) a big pat in the back (fwd)

From: Jean Poincy <caineve@idt.net>

As much as I was begging for answers, plain answers, I must admit that
DeGraff did a magnificent job in providing some. I am content to know
that the whole issue about the standardization of Ayitian was not that
all linguistically fit and mostly this is what I wished that DeGraff did
earlier on when I raised some concerns. I was not challenging in anyway
the fact that the written form is standard; otherwise I would have never
complied with it.

It was hard too swallow that all the changes were purely linguistic as
it was being portrayed. Had DeGraff allowed himself not to consider the
list as a specialty forum where list members have to go and read about
linguistic to keep up and understand his sophisticated explanations, but
be happy to learn some basic notions on the language evolution easily,
from an expert we would have not had that much bickering and everyone
would be happy to just sit and understand how the language comes about
to be what it is. 

I felt at a point that DeGraff held the list hostage for some basic
information because I was pushing the issue and fiercely opposed his
views. Professor linguist 101 :-), if you don't have opposition
(constructive), how do you expect to get to the bottom of things to
enlighten the ordinary mind. Do you have any idea that some people might
just want to play the devil advocates to see where things are coming
from rather than just accept things for what it is?

Not that it was my role, because I do have these concerns about the
approach taken to standardize the language. However, it does not make me
an opponent of the way it is being evolved. Again I never had any
opposition to detach the language from French to make it standard so
that it facilitates the education process.  Moreover, I just have to
respect the official decision made by Ayitian public authorities. My
respect for such entities is too great for not binding by their
decisions. I am and will always be for the laws.

Before, I could even understand anything about the issue, I was greatly
influenced by people who were fighting for the language and even before
Minister of education Bernard made a formal introduction of the language
in the system. I admire his efforts in that direction. By the way what
has become of him? His departure in the system is an irreparable setback
to the literacy campaign. That's a great lost.

At any rate, Professor linguist 101 :-), I join the dancing and singing
and reach out to give you a big pat in the back that you rightly

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live