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#3994: Haitian names : Barnes comments

From: J Barnes <jbarnes@massed.net>

Haitians are very creative about naming children.  Russian names have been
popular for quite a few years.  Vladimir, Dimitri, Tatiana, Katiana, Natasha
are among the wonderful list of Haitian-Russian names.  Many people also
Choose common American names:  Jimmy, Jerry, Steve, Rodney, Marilyn,Sidney,
Charly,Bobby have become common Haitian names.  There is also a variety of
names derived from the American names Kevin and Stephen. Some people make
choices that seem unwise.  I recently heard of an educated Hatian family
naming a child after Mrs. Gorbachev and pronouncing it "Rayisa"  which in
Creole translates as : Hate that.