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4000 messages: some statistical data (fwd)

>From Bob Corbett

This e-mail list began in 1994, early summer.  I don't remember when,
with about a 1/2 dozen to a dozen people.  Anyone out there in that
original number have any better data on that?

For a long time I ran it on my account with crl.com.

Then, they objected to the size of the growing list and I had to move
to netcom.com.   I still run the list from my basic unix shell account 
with netcom.  However, they could only handle lists of about 400 members, 
so I had to have two of them and it took twice as long to send each message.

Next, on June 24, 1999 I switched to Webster University's list serve.

>From June 24 to Nov. 18th I sent out 1,000 messages.
	That was 114 days, so that was an average of 8.77 messages
	a day.  I especially like .77 messages, they are intriguing.

Then from Nov. 18 until today, Jan. 25, 2000 I've sent another 
	1000 messages.   Wow, that is only 68 days, which means it
	is an average of 14.7 messages per day.

I forgot to say the note from 3000 posts.  So, here we are on
May 31, 2000 when message 4000 goes out.

Since message 2000 that's been 195 days.  2000 posts since Jan. 25,
means an average of 10.2 messages a day.  (It actually seems like
there's been about 20 a day in the last month!)

There is usually a dropping off of messages in the summer and
a dropping off of people from the list as some head for greener
passages in the summer.

You can help by doing you own subject line, including your own
name.  such as:

Smith replies to Jones on the number of angels on the head of a pin.

I'd appreciate the help.  Greg chamberlain, Tom Driver, Guy Antoine,
Leslie Desmangles and some others regularly do this.  I very much
apprecaite the help.

It's a busy place!

Bob Corbett