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#4000: Campaign Reform in Haiti: Pina queries Chamberlain (fwd)

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

Chamberlain wrote:

"However, as for playing by the same rules as
Lavalas, I think we all need a sharp dose of that
famous "transparence" (invented by Lavalas in
1990) about that $20 million donation from Taiwan
which was freely handed over to Aristide to do what
he liked with and which seems to have since
disappeared.  Renaud Bernardin, Aristide's
minister of planning and foreign aid (and now
leader of the Lavalas-allied Pati Ouvri Baryè),
has since related how the Taiwanese asked
him who the cheque should be made out to.
I think it was written to Lafanmi Selavi in the
end, but it then seems to have disappeared.

Nothing perhaps wrong with a nice fat foreign
donation like that for a good cause.  But where
_did_ the money go?  $20 million is an
enormous sum for an orphanage."

I was wondering where that little cut originated. I first heard it about a 
year ago in the SF Bay Area and have tried to track its originator ever 
since. Can you give me some leads on where you first heard it?

Next, please contact Ira Kursban Esq. in Miami FL, he's in the book, and I 
am sure he will give you all the information you need pertaining to the 
founding and financing of the Aristide Foundation for Democracy.

I have spoken with people who were responsible for administration of those 
funds and repeated these assertions to them.  Also, please remember that the 
administration of those funds occurred during the tenure of the former Prime 
Minister Claudette Werleigh who is known for her honesty and integrity in 
and out of Haiti.

This is yet another in an endless series of rumors pertaining to Aristide 
and Lavalas which are baseless. Interesting though that they still manage to 
get repeated with very little follow up or effort given to checking the 

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