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#3999: Re: Campaign Reform in Haiti : Pina responds to Carey (fwd)

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

I was not referring to funding for specific tasks related to the mechanismss 
of the elections. For a view of the history of US funding of "democratic 
intervention" leading up to the last elections, I suggest the following 


Combined with a few recent revelations about the internal machinations of 
the project, a case can clearly be made that the "Democracy Enhancement" 
project did not have as its objective "strengthening democracy in Haiti" and 
mutated into a program designed to create an opposition to defeat Lavalas. 
We are seeing the effects of this strategy with the recent joining of 
rightists under the MSN with Espace and the OPL bloc. Some might argue that 
this is a natural response to the overwhelming popoular support received by 
Lavalas at the polls, but this is not the first time the "Democracy 
Enhancement Project" has tried to pull these forces together. Stanley Lucas, 
IRI program coordinator for the project, attempted the same only to have the 
coalition tear itself apart over ideological differences. It is likely this 
second attempt will meet the same results in the  months ahead.

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