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From: radman <resist@best.com>

[Vladimir Petit-frere (was) the owner of Radio Etincelle, a Creole language 

The Federal Communications Commission announced that an investigation by
the Commission's Enforcement Bureau has led to the arrest of Mr. Vladimir
Petit-Frere for operating an unlicensed FM radio station on 88.5 MHz in
Brooklyn, New York. Special agents of the FBI arrested Mr. Petit-Frere on
May 10, 2000, working in conjunction with FCC agents and Assistant United
States Attorney Carolyn Pokorny in the Office of the United States Attorney
for the Eastern District of New York.
Prior Commission actions had failed to deter Mr. Petit-Frere's unlicensed
operation of the FM station. The Commission, on more than one occasion, had
issued letters of warning to Mr. Petit-Frere directing him to cease
operation of the unlicensed station. Further, the U.S. Marshal Service, in
conjunction with the Unites States Attorney's Office and the FCC, had
seized his radio transmitting equipment.