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#4003: Campaign Reform in Haiti: Chamberlain replies to Pina (fwd)

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

Let me begin by stating that this gives the appearance of too much discourse 
between Mr. Chamberlain and myself. I write this in hopes that the powers 
that be will allow for us to continue the dialogue and debate without 
"mandatus interupptus." Forgive my Latin and spelling.

I sincerely appreciate the foil of Mr. Chamberlain as he is the only one 
with the courage, for the moment, to promulgate an opposing view. I feel it 
is in the best interests of the list to allow it to continue. It does, in 
our own insular arena, represent different aspects and facets of the ensuing 
situation in Haiti. I think Mr. Corbett deserves tremendous respect for 
allowing continuing interaction between participants to occur within a 
relatively "safe" venue. I encourage and invite voices and opinions yet 
unheard on this list to participate.

Chamberlain writes:

"I would also be intrigued to know by what
miracle Lavalas manages to stay absolutely
clean of the curse of drug money in which the
country is currently awash?  I can't reasonably
imagine how it can, what with everyone
struggling to climb on the bandwagon of the
returned Messiah.  Perhaps I am grossly
unfair.  Someone please tell me how they
(or anyone in Haitian politics right now)
manage that trick."

Your assumption is that Aristide or members of Lavalas must necessarily be 
involved with drugs as it is the fashion by virtue of circumstance. This is 
a false argument and assumption based on inductive reason and logic which 
requires a priori experience and fact to provide substance to the claim. 
Otherwise, it is merely one more attempt, among many documented attempts, in 
the media to "pin the tail on the donkey." If they had the evidence you can 
be sure something would have already been done with it given the current 
political climate. The desparation of US foreign policy combined with a 
clinical disposition toward moving the goal line are strange bedfellows 


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