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#4010: DeGraff on "regional differences" in Creole : Grey replies; Corbett adds


<< Since people in this forum seem truly
 interested in the true nature of the real Creole, I must keep looking over
 the shoulder of our self-declared "phonetically correct" mambo of the
 "pure" and "real" vodou... >>

You know, de Graff, it is remarkable that no matter what the ostensible topic 
of the thread, you manage to turn it into an opportunity to sling insults at 
me.  I'm sick of it, I'd like an apology, and I would like you to stop.  It 
is possible for you to disagree without being disagreeable.

[Corbett interjects:  I feel badly.  I goofed.  I shouldn't have allowed
the last few words above.  They were a personal attack and had nothing to
do with the issue.  That whole flap was the most difficult time in my
whole time of moderating the list.  There were more personal attacks that
I've ever witnessed.  I just missed that one.  I thought things had
calmed down.  I'll try to be more vigilant.]

As to the differences I report - I report the differences that I *HEAR*, 
based on my many long years of *EXPERIENCE*.  If your *EXPERIENCE* is 
different, you could say so politely.  Bob Corbett, the owner of this list, 
has made his policy about personal slurs very clear, which is why I will not 
parallel your comments about Mambos with a few about over-inflated bourgeoise 
self-important individuals who are totally out of contact with the Haitian 
majority and who have neurotic complexes which cause them to grind the same 
old ax over and over, no matter what the topic.  Now, do you want to have a 
discussion or a flame war?

Cap Haitian Creole is UNDENIABLY different from "standard" Creole, and there 
is indeed a "southern accent" too, I have heard it over and over, I am not 
hallucinating.  "Ki na mwen" for "pa m or pa mwen" is one very common 
example.  Subsituting  a 'j' for 'ay' happens in other words than 'bagay'!  I 
have heard "al manje fritaj" for example.

I would like to think that this is a list where people can present their 
observations without someone like DeGraff seeking every possible opportunity 
for name calling, and frankly I am asking our moderator to take some action, 
seeing he sets rather clear standards for most posts which appear here.