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#4030: Exchange rate (fwd)

[Corbett notes:  okay, two options.  That's plenty.  I see many more
in line.  This is all I will post.]

From: Stephen W Hersey <swhers2@pop.uky.edu>


Friday, June 2, 2000 

                     1 US Dollar = 18.9019 Haitian Gourde 
                     1 Haitian Gourde (HTG) = 0.05290 US Dollar (USD) 

                     Median price was 18.9000 / 18.9019 (bid/ask).
                     Minimum price was 18.9000 / 18.9019 
                     Maximum price was 18.9000 / 18.9019 

At 07:21 AM 6/2/00 -0700, you wrote:
>I am going to Haiti in July, what is the correct / accurate 
>rate of exchange right now for US dollars to Haitian dollars??
>Corbett adds:  If someone will give me the url for that info I'll keep
>it this time so I can just answer this question privately for people 
>in the future.