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#4031: This Week in Haiti 18:11 5/31/00 : Goff replies to Gill

From: Stan Goff <stangoff@all4democracy.org>

> Haiti Progres reports:
> The Haitian government is acting to preserve democracy by
> reining in politicians who, unhappy with the outcome of the May
> 21 elections, have brazenly threatened to organize a nationwide
> insurrection.
> Gill asks:
> Does anyone have any information to support the claim of a "nationwide
> insurrection"?

No one made the claim of a nationwide insurrection, Mark.  The claim here is
that threats were made.  If I threaten to shoot my neighbor, and I am
arrested for that, and someone reports that I was arrested for threatening
to shoot my neighbor, would you then ask, "Does anyone have any information
to support the claim that Stan's neighbor was shot?"

Fallacious argument... the final refuge!