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#4044: Foreign funding in Haitian politics: Gill comments

From: markgill <markgill@clas.net>

i recall something using the expression recently that "it makes me
giggle"....well, i should like to appropriate it here....

it "makes me giggle" at those who place Lavalas supporters on a pedestal
above other folks, as tho they automatically possessed some higher morality
or sense of social or civil consciousness....

that is like me saying that Democrats in the US were somehow inherently more
honest and moral than those of other parties.....

i think most of us want to see Aristide improve the living conditions of the
average Haitian...rather, i think ALL of us want this....and, we want to see
grassroots organizations grow and develop, and, we want to see greater
cooperation between individuals and groups, and we want to see a lot of
things, and we believe that at least there is a better chance now than in
the past....

BUT....to somehow place a "halo" over the heads of Lavalas is simply
unrealistic.....this is what Pina seems to want to convey, and like i said,
it "makes me giggle"....

plus, i recall the question of the funds from Taiwan, except that i thought
it was 10 million....there was lots of talk about "where it went".....i
recall hearing about it over the radio in Les Cayes and especially at Radio
Lumiere (the branch at Cite Lumiere, near Les Cayes....

Greg, maybe we can :"giggle" together, long distance?

mark gill