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#4045: Funny Names in Haiti : A comment

From: H P <kemsere@hotmail.com>

I'm writing from my alternate email address but I couldn't help but answer 
to this post.
I totally this conversation. Many time have I met people with interesting 
names in Haiti. One very nice man I knew that was a mechanic, his name was 
Moliere, as in the playwright. Basically the equivalent of calling your son 
An other woman I met was named Loufie, I never quite figured out what that 
A friend of mine had an employee called Jean-Caillou (as in Jean-Pierre, the 
name Pierre being synonymous to stone in French, and caillou being an other 
word for stone)

However, I have to disagree about the Ajax comment.
I know a man named Ajax. I laughed the first time I heard it too. But in 
fact, Ajax is a Greek mythological figure, like Perseus or Achilles. So even 
though we do think of the cleaning product, Ajax is actually a real name.

All the time though going to haiti offers many smiles from the names you 


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>From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>
>      May I add to the discussion on Haitian names? In no way am I being
>      disrespectful, but since names have always been a "thing" with me, I
>      offer the following:
>          A wonderful woman who used to work for us was called "Clothilde",
>      not at all an uncommon name. However, she announced to me one day 
>      her sister, "TIOTE" was coming from Cape Haitian for a visit and to
>      stay with her for a month when she delivered her baby. That was fine
>      with me. I did, however, ask her what the name "TIOTE" meant, or 
>      it came from. She told me that when her mother discovered that she 
>      just delivered another little baby girl, she said: "O Bondie, m-te
>      gegne une ti ot"! (Oh my God, I have another little one!")
>         Another good one was a waitress in the restaurant of a friend of
>      mine in Petion-Ville, whose name was "Chlorine". We always used to
>      chuckle a bit when we spoke of her, but she was a sweety. One day she
>      announced that her brother was arriving next week, and we mused that
>      maybe his name was "AJAX". (Forgive us for making fun!) The next 
>      her brother arrived, and she introduced us to him: his name was
>      "COMET".
>         And then there was Bob and Janet Cope who had a baby boy and named
>      him "HORACE"! (But they were not Haitians!)

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