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#4071: Miami Herald FWD - Editorial by Olivier Nadal: Dorc comments to Grey


In a message dated 06/04/2000 11:00:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Kathy Grey 

<< The arrogance of the elite class can not be underestimated.  I wonder if 
 Nadal remembers a day, in the period prior to the American presidential 
 elections which brought Bill Clinton to office, when he asserted that George 
 Bush would be the next president of the United States.  An American present 
 pointed out to Mr. Nadal that elections had not yet been held, and thus the 
 identity of the next American president remained open to question.
 "Oh, don't be so naive," was Nadal's comment.  "It has already been decided."
 This mistaken belief that a society can be governed by powerful individuals 
 unsupported by the will of the people and without an electoral mandate 
 underlies Nadal's thinking and remains the most basic flaw of his soi-disant 
 political perspective. >>
I do not like to disagree with you on this matter, but I believe powerful 
individuals, unsupported by the will of the people and without an electoral 
mandate DO run this country and in fact the world.  When Clinton won over 
Bush "they" started their smear campaign which was Whitewater.  People were 
hounded, the Foster suicide which turned into murder.  The pushy wife 
overstepping her bounds.  The humiliating second term shifted these powers 
into overdrive.  They caught the president with his pants down.  Unable to 
attack his policies, they went for the private, personal peccadillos of the 
president.  The tactics seem exactly like the ones used against Aristide.   
If the masses vote impetuously against the power's choice, there is hell to 
pay.  Punishment follows.  Less bloody in the US than in Haiti, but 
punishment nonetheless.  Is it any wonder there is some overreaction by 

Kathy Dorce