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#4061: Significant delay, or worse, in archive of this site.

>From Bob Corbett:

I have been hoping and expecting the Haiti archive of the 4000+ messages
of this list since last August when I moved the list to Webster U.'s
server, to be up and running just any day.

That will not happen.  It will not happen soon, and it may not happen at
all.  The messages exist and are on Webster's server.  The web master tells
me that they exist in the form of one huge e-mail with all 4000 + messages

But, Webster doesn't seem to have either:

	1.  the appropriate software
	2.  the space

to provide me with the archive at this time.  

The future?  I simply can't get any firm answer from the webmaster.
It's being "looked into."


Bob Corbett