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#4062: Some significant delays in list posting in the next several days.

>From Bob Corbett:

Folks, I'd best warn you, I don't know how much time I will have to
post material in the next several days.  I'm always busy.  The next
5 days are outrageous.

I've not only just begun an intensive summer on-line course yesterday,
but this Friday and Saturday I have a "booth" at the neighborhood
Homecoming celebration.  I am displaying my Dogtown (name of our
neighborhood) history web site.

In preparing for this I am working 15 or more hours a day, and just
about to rush out the door to the Missouri Historical Society to
spend 7 hours until they close, finishing up (if I'm lucky) my
transposing of the entire 1900 Federal Census of this neighborhood so
that people can have a searchable census of both family and houses.
This has taken me hundreds of hours and now I'm racing with the clock
to finish before Friday morning when I have to move my computer across
the street to the Homecoming grounds, the local school (of which I
am a 1953 graduate!  I lived directly across the street and was late
every day.  I sat at home with my Mom until the bell rang).

Plus I'm loading up 30 years of first communion photographs from the
local Catholic church.

All this I want ready for display on Friday evening when the Homecoming
opens.  Former residents come back and this will be the first public
presentation of my web site to this working class neighborhood where only
a handful of homes have computers.

So -- the Haiti list has to be put on the back burner until at least 
Sunday.  That doesn't mean I won't post or even stay up to date.  But,
I can make no promises, so please don't write asking where your posts
are.  They'll get out, as soon as I can do so.

Best,  Bob Corbett
For the time being, your friendly local historian and genealogist!!!!