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#4105: It's a New Day for Haiti : Antoine comments on Wilentz's article (fwd)

From: Guy Antoine <GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

I found this latest article by Amy Wilentz excellent. Of course,
it also reflects my own thinking of the last couple of years
about the so-called "opposition" in Haiti, which I have found to
this day a source of acute embarrassment.

I also share the hope and fears that she succintly summarized
in the article.  Fears of the leadership squandering this enormous
amount of good will that has been bestowed on them, fears of
stubborn and ill will meddling on the part of the U.S. and their
lackeys, fears of continued environmental degradation, etc.
But a greater hope overall that this time around, Haitians will
be allowed the creativity to forge a solution as only they can.

All the criticism, however valid some of it may be, cannot
obscure the fact that those elections that just took place are
light years ahead of what one could experience politically in
Haiti, not too long ago. Many deserve credit, who unfortunately
will not get any, because it is not fashionable to give it.
However, the people see and the people can hear above the
current level of polluted rethoric.  As they say, "Kreyòl pale,
kreyòl konprann".

We are all entitled to our own successes and our own failures.
And, unlike others, I do believe in miracles (though not by divine
intervention... rather the unexpected happy result of determined
work and a vision to support it).  We can and will overcome the

Guy S. Antoine
Windows on Haiti