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#4016: An appeal from Corbett about subject lines

I notice lately since I made the appeal at #4000, that several of
you have been writing your own subject line.  Please, I plead to
all: DO THAT. 

First of all you get a subject line you approve.  If I do it I just
have to do it in a flash and it often isn't what you'd have chosen.

Secondly, it really helps me out.  I'm very busy and writing 20-25
subject lines a day takes too much time.  It's not asking much to
ask you to write you own.

One further request:  PLEASE don't write over the top of the old
message.  Delete it.  Start with a blank page or the absolute minimum
lines of the prior post to which you are responding.

Many folks, especially subscribers in Haiti, pay by  the byte received.

Plus, in any case, it is just clutter.

These things would really help.  To those of you, quite a few, who've
been writing their own subject lines lately -- thanks so much for 
your consideration.