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#4100: Hoover responds to Gill on the "Moral Superiority" of Lavalas (fwd)

From: Hoover, Julie H. <Hoover@pbworld.com>

You cite the enlistment of many Duvalierists  in Lavalas as reason to
condemn this party, and further advocate that this is justification to
reject the "moral superiority" claims of Lavalas.

Do you know for sure the party embraces these people, if they, in fact are
legitimate members?  Do they hold leadership positions?

Given the wierd, convuluted machinations of Haitian politics, what moral
standards should a party be judged by?  I would think: 1) The morality of
its leader--and Aristide cannot be credibly challenged here,  2) Its
platform and positions--is there any party with higher-ground goals more
responsive to the needs of the poor?
3)  It's actions in governance, and  4) Its endorsement by the people. 

 Please name one other party that has a chance of scoring high on the above