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#4177: Performance of journalists: Simidor responds most affably (fwd)


The unnamed news agency in the Lesage/Jallot book is Agence France Presse.  
One undeniable fact is how friendly Agence France Presse and its Haiti 
correspondent at the time, Dominique Levanti, had been toward Baby Doc and 
his wench Michele.  The authors unveil other instances of French nastiness in 
Haiti.  Does that justify Chamberlain's hostility toward them, even while he 
confesses not having bothered to look into their allegations?

As for Chamberlain's obsession with my identity, we've been that way before.  
Poor Chamberlain's nose is still bloody from the lesson administered by Kim 
Ives about journalists "who worship official sources" and internalize 
"corporate capitalism as the natural order for a democracy." 

Daniel Simidor