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#4178: On the failure of a democratic success : a reply to Poincy


Poincy wrote:
<At this juncture, the masses' judgment keeps failing. It is a replica of 
1991 that lead <to political back stabbing victimizing Aristide and to the 
coup d'Etat. 
Pardon my French but, I really think you're quite wrong here Poincy. I think 
if anything, that this was a very intelligent decision.

I believe like the masses, Poincy, that if we have a "balanced" Parliament 
like the 46th legislature, we are doomed.

The opposition so far (and this has been repeated here on Corbett Land 
several times), is just obsessed with Aristide. The masses know it too. So 
they are actually smarter than you and I. They made a very intelligent 
decision. They chose to give Lavalas its BIG and I would even say, LAST 
chance to prove that it can move the country towards development. Remember 
what hapenned when there was a "balanced" Parliament!! Go ask OPL's Yrvelt 
Chéry and Gérard Pierre-Charles: no budget for more than two years, no 
legislation. So the "masses" decide Poincy: give it all to one group and let 
see what they can do.

What Lavalas needs now, is party discipline in Parliament. Even though people 
may have different points of view on certain issues, but on the overall, they 
must support the core agenda of the party.

Haiti as you must know it Poincy, is a country still obsessed with the 
politics of personality. The oposition is so "taken" by Aristide, that they 
even forget about discussing their own agenda. Better yet, they don't even 
seem to have one. They always complain, but no one knows for sure what they 
stand for. At least we know that Lavalas is looking for a Third Way.

No personality here like Corbett likes to remind us but Poincy, where are you 
going with that kind of logic?

Hyppolite Pierre