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#4201: Coffee business by Kevin Pina and others

[Corbett notes: folks in general I don't do advertising of businesses
on the list.  However, Kevin Pina ask for this one time announcement.
Since he has been such a vigorous participant on economic development
issues I did think it would be worth it to bring this to your attention.
However, I will generally maintain a policy of not offering an open
list policy for commercial announcements.]


Caribbean Harvest, LLC
Dedicated to fair trade, sustainable development and the health of our 

Dear Friends of Haiti,

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could contribute towards building 
communities in Haiti while helping to protect the environment simply by 
drinking a cup of coffee? Well now you can!! 

Caribbean Harvest is a company with an entirely unique and new approach 
to doing business in Haiti and the Caribbean.  It began with an idea, 
inspired by the late Father Jan-Marie Vincent, that small peasant farmers 
of Haiti could reap greater benefits from their products by having direct 
access to international markets.  Caribbean Harvest works to market and 
purchase products by paying a fair advance price and sharing the net 
profits from sales directly with farmer's cooperatives 50%-50%.  

The majority of Haitian coffee grows wild throughout mountains and 
elevated plateaus. The trees are usually planted under the thick canopy 
of other taller trees to provide ample shade and growing conditions.  
These areas provide for the maintenance of a natural habitat for 
indigenous wildlife, including Haiti's songbird population, and serve to 
stave off deforestation and the destruction of top soil which has 
increased at an alarming rate over the past few years.  

Caribbean Harvest works with farmers who are committed to expanding the 
forest canopy and coffee production through the introduction of organic 
growing and restoration techniques. The eventual goal is to obtain 
"organic certification" allowing farmers to fetch even greater benefits 
in the future from the sales of their coffee. 

Caribbean Harvest is currently featuring Cafi Citadelle, produced by the 
Cooperative Association of Milot Peasants(KOAPM) located in northern 
Haiti near the coastal city of Cape Haitien. This Haitian varietal coffee 
is grown in the mountains around the famous national monument of La 
Citadelle, an impressive fortress built in the mid-eighteenth century to 
protect Haiti against a French invasion and a return to slavery. 

If you or someone you know is a coffee lover, we ask that you consider 
making a purchase of Cafi Citadelle to help us launch this important 
initiative. We are certain you will be pleased with the quality and 
flavor of this distinct coffee and with the satisfaction of knowing your 
purchasing power is making a difference.  

Order Cafi Citadelle and you'll also be added to our mailing list and 
receive updates on the status of our projects and the development of new 
products from Caribbean producers. We hope you will take this opportunity 
to support the small peasant farmers of Haiti and their communities. It 
really is as easy as drinking a cup of coffee!! 

Cafi Citadelle
(Price does not include shipping. Please consult 
http://www.ups.com/using/services/rave/rate.html for rates.)

1   lb.	..$8.95

5   lbs.	..$8.50

10 lbs.	..$7.75

25 lbs.	..$5.55

Caribbean Harvest
1212 Broadway, Suite 701
Oakland, California 94619
e-mail: caribbeanharvest@usa.net