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#4203: Pina responds to #4180: On Post election arrests (fwd)

Subject: Pina responds to #4180: On Post election arrests (fwd)

"Does it not strike as odd to anyone that crime goes on in Haiti as if the 
Police or the Justice system in Haiti didn't even exist, while some swift 
arrests could be made after the election on charges of sedition or 
incitement to violence? People are being killed in broad daylight and the 
Police don't seem to have a clue as to who or where the criminals are."

Yes! And it is galling to see how the US government forced the repatriation 
of common criminals, drug dealers and more than few incarcerated for violent 
gang related crimes, back to Haiti. While many professional criminals of 
Haitian descent were "dumped" back into the country, the US was also running 
a simultaneous sham at reforming the judicial system in Haiti(remember the 
CBS expose of Mrs. Forbes "little shop of USAID horrors").

This has only exacerbated "insecurity" in a country building a new 
democracy, albeit fragile by virtue of historical circumstances. The Haitian 
social system could barely absorb and process indigenous crime when it was 
hit by the forced repatriation of individuals found guilty of serious crimes 
in the US, who happened to be of Haitian descent.

This bending of international law has left the Haitian people at the mercy 
of dangerous thugs exported from the US while a new professional police 
force struggles from within and without to contain the problem. Given the 
direct responsibility of the US government in having created this problem, I 
believe they should also be held accountable and pay reparations to clean 
the mess up. To dump convicted criminals back into Haiti, while debilitating 
efforts at judicial reform, is a clear case of negligence that has yet to be 
properly addressed.
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