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4232: Morse/Driver/Chamberlain (fwd)

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

If I may make a response to Driver's statement to Chamberlain on the 
Nadal piece. I've been listening to statements from people like Nadal 
for years. Their comments are often not worth commenting on because 
these people aren't after any sort of middle or higher ground. They're 
fanatics. They'll always be against a popular mandate. What we're 
trying to do now is make a real analysis of what the Lavalas movement 
has given us in the last six years and what they have in store for us. 
Not a fanatical analysis, but a rational, concrete analysis based on 
what has been happening rather than what we would like to portay has 
happened. A critical analysis, even from those who might be of the 
Lavalas camp. Is the Lavalas camp permitted to criticize itself? If 
Jean Dominque were alive today, I might ask him this very question.

Richard Morse