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#4233: On making Ayiti economically fit: Gill replies to Poincy

From: markgill <markgill@clas.net>

real economic development has not been a priority in the past.  i am not
making reference to the assembly industry, which does not actually qualify
as true development, in that this industry did not spawn other industries.
rather, goods to be assembled were imported in and assembled and then sent
as export.....no local spin off industries were created to supply parts,

real development, internally speaking, wont happen till it becomes a focus
of the government, where scarce resources are devoted to this purpose.  and,
IMF funds wont be targeted for this, either, as we all know, for such funds
have to be utilized in prescribed ways, ie, reducing external debt....

thus, real development wont occur until the government decides to tackle the
problem in a serious way...there is no alternative....

Preval has been able to accomplish little, and as far as i can see, this has
been due to the lack of consensus among competing power groups.....Aristide
has a BIG problem awaiting him....that is, a continuation of this same
impasse that Preval encountered....

so, before development can occur, consensus must be settled first....how
this will occur, i do not know...