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#4223: Gill replies to Pina on repatriation

From: markgill <markgill@clas.net>

> Yes! And it is galling to see how the US government forced the
> of common criminals, drug dealers and more than few incarcerated for
> gang related crimes, back to Haiti. While many professional criminals of
> Haitian descent were "dumped" back into the country, the US was also
> a simultaneous sham at reforming the judicial system in Haiti(remember the
> CBS expose of Mrs. Forbes "little shop of USAID horrors").

this post from Pina is as slanted as it gets.....and, provides the usual
"blame someone else" mentality.....but, the question is:  should the US keep
these criminals to continue their activities?  the US should keep the "more
than few incarcerated for violent gang related crimes"?  please, please,
tell me why...give me the logic of it....not the slanted emotional