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#4222: Driver replies to Sheetz on Chabon and Cachon (fwd)

From: markgill <markgill@clas.net>

no question that USAID does not have as its goal the restoration of domestic
agriculture....rather, the goals given to USAID fit into the framework of
the World Bank/IMF and its devotion to "free trade"....

this is because the World Bank/IMF are still controlled by countries that
focus on the more advanced economies and have never given real attention to
the real needs of the less developed countries....altho, it is the less
developed countries who utilize the services of these two institutions far
more than the developed countries ever have....

there is "lots of talk" at both about "needed change" and some efforts are
being made, but the fruition has not appeared yet...

USAID of course, can not set its own goals.....they are given these by the
"higher powers"....