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#4221: Driver responds to Chamberlain's comments on Casey (fwd)

From: markgill <markgill@clas.net>

i feel that there is a considerable amount of fear due to the vison and
popularity of Aristide.....fear that the priviledge of the few will actually
be doomed......this is perhaps a fear that this group has not felt, on any
sustained basis, before in Haiti....

but, this is not unusual when a country is trying to move away from control
by a traditional oligarchy....this fear becomes hatred, since it challenges
all the stability the elites have known....

i have often heard the "elites" say that "if they (the non-elites), ever get
control, they (the non-elites) will kill us (the elites) all".....i have
seen real fear in the eyes of those speaking these words, and i started
hearing them years ago....

i should think this fear is as real today as it was a few years ago....this
is going to complicate social justice and it is going to complicate
everything else Aristide proposes to do.....