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#4251: Re: Comments by Gill from Morse

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

Having economic clout is one thing. Being fanatical brings out the 
fanaticism in your opposition hence present day Aristide. Now 
Aristide's NEW opposition will be will be forced into more fanaticism. 
We're not getting anywhere. With his popular mandate, the international 
community, the new police force etc, Aristide had the opportunity to 
take the high road. He is failing himself and his constituency.

Positions like Nadal's should have been marginalized already. The 
economic class should be embracing stability, a new economy and a pro-
economic infrastructure instead of continuing this war in which every 
one loses.

Richard Morse

p.s. Was a Truth Commission ever considered in Haiti. I hear it did 
wonders in South Africa, Poland and Germany.