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#4250: Emeline Michel's Music (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <MaxBlanchet@worldnet.att.net>


If your soul is troubled by the goings-on in Haiti,

please try and listen to the Emeline's latest CD:

Cordes & Ame (Strings and Soul ?)

Production Cheval de Feu
Montreal, QC Canada


3) Mwen Pare

4) Pè Letènèl

5) Moso Manman

10) Viejo

No. 3 is a celebration of "dòmi kole" and good food;

No. 4 is a lament about Ayititoma's current travail;

No. 5 is a celebration of  motherhood;

No. 10 is about the plight of Haitian braceros in the DR's

bateyes. The words and the music are by Jean-Claude

Martineau, aka Koralen.

Stunningly beautiful !!!

Good for the soul !!!

This is not an ad