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#4335: Something rotten in "America or Death" /Reed (fwd); Philippe replies to Lisa (fwd)



   I read the article last Sunday... I seem to recall that the
journalist made it plain that he had not set the device. In fact,
he explicitly wrote that the reason why the coast guard did not
board the boat the first time they approached it was that they did
not have permission to do so from the Haitian government.
Had he set off the "epirb", that would certainly have given the
coast guard all the permission they needed...

The main reason why I think folks in Corbettland should read
this article is that they might be surprised by David. David is
one of these criminal deportees that we read so much about
on this list as being responsible for all the chaos and mayhem
in Haiti today. And yet, here he is, a former hard-core criminal
leaving a relatively straight, though super-miserable, life in Haiti.
At one point, David even confesses that if he makes it back to the
US, he might pick up his old habits ... I know this is only an anecdote,
but I thought it was a strange twist from what I have been reading
on this list lately.