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#4351: Re: Laleau queries WHO listing


Dear Charles,

Would you do me and the List the favor of listing the 5 or so countries 
immediately preceding and following Haiti in this listing, just to give us 
some idea of the company in which Haiti finds herself? And who is worse than 
Haiti, going on down to Sierra Leone?

I have a coworker who is an international AIDs consultant who is just about 
recovered from the emotional impact of his stay in Sierra Leone... he said 
the rebels are amputating hands and legs as a way of forcing people to join 
them, and that the country is full of young amputees... he described other 
horrors that have totally devastated the social fabric... He also spent time 
in Haiti (but before 1990, I think) and as soon as I pick his brain about his 
impressions there (compared with the other 5-10 countries like Haiti) I will 
let you know what he says.

Nancy Laleau