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3#4352: Re: Laleau queries #4326: CIP's Morrell on the Elections (fwd)


To the Entire List, and especially Mr. Morrell if he is reading:

Believe it or not, this is not a rhetorical question... but why did I hear 
nothing whatsoever in all the elections I observed with the OAS in 1995 about 
this method of counting as being the constitutionally stipulated and correct 
method of arriving at the correct percentages to determine if a runoff is 

I observed every election that year, observed all the runoffs, chased thugs 
out of the polling places, as well as out of regional headquarters where the 
regional votes were being tallied, wrote up detailed reports on all of my 
team's observations -- in other words, I was a trained, official, 
international observer of the process from start to finish, and NOBODY IN THE 
OAS OR UN SAID ONE SINGLE WORD in my hearing or reading, either before, 
during, or after these elections, about the need to calculate the percentages 
based on the total number of votes cast.

I have no doubt that it is in the constitutional electoral law -- but if it 
is so all-fired important, why didn't it come up in 1995?????

If thuggery is on the rise in the Lavalas / Fanmi Lavalas camp, I have no 
support for it. But I still have the question -- why did the issue of correct 
method for calculating percentages never arise before? Do you see why it 
could be perceived by the patient masses of Haitian voters as a massive 

Nancy Laleau