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#4353: Solutions to Haiti's problems (fwd)

From: Jean Beaujour <jbb123@hotmail.com>

>From JB Beaujour,

To all,

I have finally realized that the current form of government will never work 
in Haiti. Why does everything has to resolve around Port-au-Prince? 
Port-au-Prince is not Haiti. The other major problem with Haiti is the 
tendency of the leaders to become dictators and to corrupt the government. 
We need to experiment with a totally different governmental approach, new 
constitution. I believe we may be able to find a solution with a totally 
decentralized form of government run by 10 people instead of one.

For every department we would have an independent government with its own 
police force, port, airport, and budget. Then we have a national government 
which balance the power of each department with its own budget. In this new 
style of government, there is an inherent check and balance between the 
department government and the national government.

Since there are 9 deparments in Haiti, then Haiti would be run by 9 
deepartment governors and one national governor. The key to this new 
government is that each governor has almost independent control of his 
department. Think about it, even when 5 departments are not running 
properly, the other 4 departments could be prospering. That way, we would 
increased our chances by 9 for success.

I would love to try this concept, I am sure it would work much better than 
the current government. Why do we have to stick to the same style of 
government which has never worked once in Haiti's lifetime? I think it is 
time for a change in the governmental structure.

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