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#4354: Poincy response to Pierre....Gill asks question (fwd)

From: markgill <markgill@clas.net>

    > "I believe that the Haitian people know what they are voting for, not
> what they're voting against. This is what I think is dangerous for
> democracy, not the fact that Lavalas won overwhelmingly."

***i did not understand this part of Pierre's post, and i still dont....what
i remember is that people were for Aristide as they thought he was "for
them, the average Haitian", that he would do away with repression, and give
them what they wanted...
now, to me, the idea that he would give them their desires could be
dangerous, in that it wont be possible for Aristide to do that....

this is why i stated in a previous post that expectations of Aristide might
be way too high....

plus, we need to have a better understanding of what "democracy:" is capable
of, given the current situation in Haiti....quite frankly, i fear that many
observers have expectations that are too high....

again, i will say that unless some form of cooperation is obtained, and if
Aristide wins in November, then we can look forward to a 5 year internal
fight.....this "fight' will drain energy from moving ahead on some agenda,
whatever it is....and, without consensus and internal order, we can expect
little real progress....

"democracy" has not progressed very much under Preval.......no consensus and
no order....