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#4356: using a mob for strategic reasons : Gill comments

From: markgill <markgill@clas.net>

> What is not comprehensible at this date and time is
> the purpose of such tactics when Aristide has no
> viable opponent.

    ***but, we must remember that (a) using mobs has a long history and (b)
the opposition to Aristide does not accept the outcome of the voting...you
have heard the charges of fraud, etc....

we will see things like this for years.....as i have said elsewhere,
consensus building is the next step in promoting democracy in Haiti....

this little term, "consensus building" is, in fact, not so little.....this
will be a long struggle, and we see it at work all over Central America
right now....IF Haiti can move into this mode, then "democracy" will move
ahead...if not, then democracy will become an empty term.....