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#4375: Sketch of Haitian Creole (fwd)

From: Michel DeGraff <degraff@MIT.EDU>

Dear Colleagues,

The following may also be of interest.  Like the "Morphology in Creole
genesis" essay just advertised, this one is available for downloading and

  "Haitian Creole"
  Prepared for: _Comparative Creole Syntax_
  John Holm & Peter Patrick, eds. 
  Westminster Creolistics Series, Battlebridge Publications, London U.K.

This paper was originally written during my CUNY postdoc year in 1993, and
recently got revised--which is as well: the 1993 version was embarrassingly
flawed in quite a few ways.  But I suspect there is still some
(postdoctoral) foolishness leftover in the 2000 version---how much can one
really improve in a mere 7 years?  So any feedback toward perfection is

Actually, both the "Morphology in Creole genesis" and the "Haitian Creole"
papers are part of long-term projects.  So I'd very much appreciate
constructive comments on both papers.

Here are the addresses for the "Haitian Creole" paper.  Same as before: PDF
and Postscript.

PDF for Acrobat Reader (78,599 bytes):


Postscript (161,854 bytes):


Thank you.


P.S.  The paper is 44-page long, including 6 pages of references---from
"Arends et al 1994" to "Vernet 1980".  Borrowing a CreoLIST colleague's
word: "Parchment copies" are also available, to be sent via the postoffice
to those of us who, like me, are still climbing the digital canyon.

MIT Linguistics & Philosophy, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02139-4307
degraff@MIT.EDU http://web.mit.edu/linguistics/www/degraff.home.html