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#4388: virtual field trip with CARE / Haiti (fwd)

From: Yacine Khelladi <yacine@aacr.net>

taken from newsletter:
Telematics for African Development Consortium, June 2000 Information
Update No. 4

> ***************************
> -----------
> Take a virtual field trip with CARE to the Caribbean island nation of Haiti
> at:
> <http://www.care.org/virtual_trip/haiti/index.html?l>. Walk through city
> streets and rural villages in the poorest country of the Western Hemisphere.
> Learn about the history of this small nation -- from its discovery by
> Christopher Columbus, to its present day struggles with hunger,
> unemployment, and community development. Witness the hope and struggle of
> Haitian families as they work with CARE to overcome the many daily
> challenges they face.
> CARE has worked in Haiti since 1954, first providing relief to people
> affected by Hurricane Hazel.  Today, CARE's programs in Haiti are more
> diverse, with programs dedicated to reproductive health and maternal and
> child health and nutrition, education and school feeding, conservation and
> soil erosion, road and sanitary infrastructure rehabilitation, irrigation,
> and small enterprise development and income generation.   At
> <http://www.care.org/virtual_trip/haiti/index.html?l> visitors will learn --
> first-hand -- more about the unique nation of Haiti.
> Alongside CARE's press officer, vistitors will take part in a five day
> exploration of the fishing ports and villages of the small country.  Peruse
> the photo album or read more about Haiti's history and CARE's work in
> rehabilitation and development.  Spend time getting to know this
> impoverished country, the struggling people who call it home and some of the
> relief and development programs that CARE is implementing in Haiti's
> northwest, the poorest corner of the poorest country of the Western
> Hemisphere.  Visitors may make an online donation to CARE to support its
> ongoing activities in countries like Haiti, or they may sign up for CARE's
> free email update list to stay informed about all of CARE's activites around
> the world.
> So..Begin your journey now... at
> <http://www.care.org/virtual_trip/haiti/index.html?l>