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#4389: Safe Travel in Haiti: Can anyone give info to this person?

From: Christopher Porche West <porche@communique.net>

[Please reply directly to Christopher at his address above]

I was planning to participate in an Humanitarian aid project in Lavale starting
on the 6th of July. I am going with Dr. Charles Rene who is coordinating
the effort.
Word is out that there are roadblocks and such related to complications
from elections
so things might not be stable on the roads. I have no history in Haiti and
I speak no Creole. Is there a www where I could monitor the current
situation.  I have subscribed
to you list and have been passively reading posts.  My role on the trip, as
a photographer teaching and sharing photography with local children.  I
have no political aspirtions but I am uncertain what the presence of
cameras are at roadblocks and such... If yo have any imput, I would be very
please to follow-up leads.



Christopher Porche´ West
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