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#4411: Goff replies to Stephenson regarding U.S. foreign policy

From: Stan Goff <stangoff@all4democracy.org>

> From: Wrede Stevenson <wrede25@hotmail.com>
> Goff claims that the US is trying to find a pretext to re-occupy Haiti.
> Really?  Who in the US? Inquiring minds truly want to know.  I'd love to
> have the evidence.
> Wred Stephenson

Inquire into the history of the US and Haiti for the last hundred years.
Inquire into continuing presence of US troops in Haiti even after the UN
"mandate" expired.
Inquire into the Saddam-ization of Aristide that's going on right now.  (We
know where that leads.)
Inquire into the fact that there is no longer a "reliable" surrogate
military in Haiti.
Inquire into the CIA employment of key coup-makers the last time Aristide
was ousted.

(1)    The US is showing that it in no way intends to let Aristide and
Lavalas stand.
(2)    The Haitian people--the masses, not the ersatz coalitions--have
selected Aristide and shown that they will accept no imposition of a regime
from Washington.
(3)    It's Washington's move.
(4)    The evidence will begin to land one dark night at 2 AM with
parachutists on the tarmac of PauP and Cap Airfields.  Stay tuned.