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#4490: Re: funny names in Haiti (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

        I am so amused at the many postings regarding funny names in Haiti. 
     I believe that it was one of my earlier postings which appears to have 
     gotten it going full-steam...and that posting was about two or three 
     months ago. The "funny names in Haiti" comments seem to keep going.
        However, I had wanted to comment before, but have been on vacation 
     and did not have the opportunity. If our readership family will 
     remember my original posting, it was a funny comment about a funny 
     possibility, not really a funny name. A waitress in a Petion-Ville 
     restaurant was named "Chlorine", and we always giggled about that,  
     but not too seriously. Her mother probably saw the name on a bottle 
     and thought it would be good for her new baby. (Or maybe she knew what 
     chlorine was and thought the name might be associated with 
     whitening!!!) Neverthless, the name was not the point of the posting. 
     Her brother was coming to town, you will remember, and we mused that 
     it would surely be hilarious if his name was Ajax.
        Now "Ajax" is a perfectly acceptable name, and we were in no way 
     implying that such a name would be funny; we merely thought it would 
     be funny to have an Ajax and a Chlorine in the same family. As it 
     turned out, her brother's name was Comet! (And that's a perfectly- 
     acceptable name, too.) It was funny only in that they were brother and 
     sister; something like calling your two kids "Georgia" (perfectly 
     acceptable) and "Mississippi"!
        But, a number of persons responded to that "funny names" posting 
     while completely missing the obvious point of the humor. This is not 
     too different from the responses of lots of persons on political 
     points (and many on this list!), who appear to miss the whole point 
     and go off on tangents just to hear themselves talk.
        Funny names can really be funny; mine is!
                               Archimandrite (Father) Michael Graves
                               (I should have been an undertaker!)