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#4491: Graves comments on Arthur

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     Wow! That press release from Charles Arthur and the Batay Ouvriye 
     organization is tough! Do we have some positive proof that the Fanmi 
     Lavalas was/is involved, or do the insinuations have to be 
     sorted-through? I've lived in Haiti for a long time and know full-well 
     that unbelievable rumors and stories can be developed and spread far 
     and wide, so don't we need to be careful about accusing until we know 
     for sure? I knew lots of FRAPH members, for example, who claimed that 
     they were Lavalas supporters during the Cedras years, only to catch 
     unsuspecting persons off guard. I live here and I know. Make sure you 
     are correct, Charles, and give us some indisputable proof.
        I will not comment further until I see some of the coming responses 
     to this posting from those who know more than I (of which there are 
                           Archimandrite Michael of Haiti  (+AM/FM)