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#4514: A reply to Blanchet on the elections


Finally, we all have an issue to be equally upset about: the elections of May 

The opposition is upset because they have lost. Since there has been some 
irregularities in the process, they claim that the whole democratic exercise 
of May 21, 2000 should be annulled. They seem to forget that their best 
allies in the International Community have given a high mark to the process.

The OAS Observers are upset because the government, the Espace De 
Concertation and the CEP before the elections, agreed on a procedure to use 
to count the votes based on precedents (1990, 1995 and 1997). The problem is 
that in the end, that procedure has largely benefited Lavalas. So now 
everyone else is raising their flag, after the ship has crossed the "Bermuda 

Léon Manus, after acknowledging earlier last month that the procedure used is 
based on historical precedents (1990, 1995 and 1997), has decided to cross 
the border and spend some time in the U.S. His new logic regarding the vote 
counts, is in total agreement with the OAS, The European Union and the United 

The Lavalas leadership is upset because they seem to believe, that the 
International Community is out to get them. They have worked so hard for more 
than two years, at preparing for this majority. But suddenly, everyone else 
is willing to say or believe that they had somehow cheated.

The Political Analysts, Haitians and foreign, are all upset.They are now in 
two opposite camps. One camp believe that Lavalas would win anyway if the 
contested victors went for a second round. The other camp believe that 
Lavalas is afraid to go for a second round because their candidates cannot 
beat a single opponent in a one-to-one battle.

I personally believe that Lavalas feels boxed in one way or the other, and 

Adhering to the International Community's wish is no guarantee that if they 
win as big as the first time, Haiti will get the 1/2 billion dollar it is 
supposed to receive in form of aid and borrowed money. The Lavalas argument 
is thus, probably more economic than it is anything else. It is not a "Gros 
Grain" issue, as a few of us seem to believe. You're damned if you do and, 
you're sure damned if you do not, seems to be the Lavalas fear. If such is 
the case,  why then risk anything? Why not take your success and run with it?

I still believe however, that Lavalas should one more time, show its good 
faith and adhere to the International Community's wish. They should at least 
consider it and skillfully negotiate with those guys. After all, they have 
the purse, not us. 

This is not to say that all those experts are right. In fact, I sincerely 
believe that it's wrong for anyone to be setting the rules of the games after 
the match had already been played. This is exactly what happened here, 
whether you agree or not. It is, what happened.

Lavalas should at least remember, that the reason of the party's victory, 
lies in our undying faith in the Haitian people and the cause of the masses. 
It should hence, prove it once again to all of those who seem to doubt it. 
They will thus, have no moral ground after the second round victory, to not 
keep their promises.

Hyppolite Pierre