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#4513: Graves comments to Max Blanchet

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

        Here's another example of someone who knows everything about what 
     happened, happens and should happen in Haiti, but who lives 
     comfortably somewhere else. Rigged elections, illegal control of the 
     counting process, what we ought to do and what we ought not to do. I 
     really weary of all these "dug-out" or side-line authorities with 
     their un-informed and slanted comments. Come on down and live here and 
     maybe you will come to a better understanding of what Haiti needs from 
     a Haitian standpoint. Yeah, you may well-be a Haitian by birth or 
     nationality, but it appears to me that you are a turncoat.
        Those of us who live in Haiti...whether we are Haitians by birth or 
     not, have a much better idea of what needs to be done to improve the 
     country. I think the first step is to rid the country of the 
     big-mouthed and know-it-all politicians who oppose just about 
     everything anyone else suggests in order to "win". And by "win" I 
     don't mean the election, I mean win everything: points, arguments, 
     positions, etc. What's to be feared about a "one party democracy"? 
     That might get Haiti on the right road, at least the leadership would 
     be in agreement for awhile, anyway. Haiti can never get anywhere until 
     the leadership agrees to march together (read "ansanm"). That is one 
     of the reasons I always liked the Lavalas motto, which is the goal of 
     Lavalas. Nothing substantial and nothing lasting can ever come of 
     continual bickering and political maneuvering on the part of 
     opposition politicians with negligible followings.
        Come on down (or over) and join the march.That march is heading in 
     one direction and will reach its destination as long as the marchers 
     march together and not to the beat of another drummer. "Marchons 
                     "United we stand; divided we fall".                    
                                +AM/FM (Archimandrite Michael/Fr. Michael)